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Friday, August 19, 2011

Some treasures to share...

Here are some pieces I had fun making this summer. They are all sold, but I still wanted to share.

The brooch in the picture above was actually one of Bebe's! Cool!

Be watching, bebe&boo will be opening an Etsy shop soon!

Also, next month, we'll be debuting several Breast Cancer Awareness pieces to raise funds and awareness for a cure. Bebe was recently diagnosed so this is very close to home for us!
She has a great prognosis, thank God, but a long road ahead.
bebe&boo fans can keep her in your thoughts and prayers!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Some pieces at the Shoppe

So, here is a glimpse of some fun one of a kind pieces I sent off to Shoppe on the Corner in South Dakota. It was really a pleasure making these, I have to say! Honestly, that is one of the many reasons being totally eclectic has its advantages...I can go from traditional to funky to somewhere in between all in one creative session. Hope you like!

Southern Hospitality

Bicycle for 2

Royal Tannenbaum

Hoot, hoot

(Can't remember what I named this for the Shoppe, but here I'll call it
"Blue Pipes" in honor of the Nancy Drew book we just finished, "The Mystery at Lilac Inn")

Funky Spin on Vintage

Vintage Button


Don't let anyone pigeon hole your creativity!

Go with your gut and see what beauty comes out of it!