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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A lot is new at bebe&boo!

Jason, aka, "Hubby of the World", is helping me build a new website. Soon enough it will be up and running, hopefully making shopping and perusing for you and all your friends a fun and easy experience!

One thing bebe&boo is launching into this year is joining bride's on their journey by customizing ensembles for their special wedding day...for the bride, her family and the wedding party. After expressing this interest to some people in the industry, bebe&boo had the privilege of joining several fantastic bridal vendors for a photo shoot where a most romantic vintage wedding was staged. A florist, wedding planner, photographer, cinematographer, make-up artist, hair designer, models, invitation artist, veil designer, wedding dress contributor, and not to mention, fabulous venue where it all took place, were all part of the puzzle.

The buzz is already spreading and we're getting reservations for upcoming weddings. Contact us at: to set up your consultation.

If you or someone you know is getting married in the near future, keep bebe&boo in mind for your jewelry designs. And, from here on out, know that 20% of profits from weddings will go toward the Child Survival Program at Compassion International. Not only will you be a gorgeous one of a kind bride in your custom pieces, but your anniversary will also be marked as a day you made a difference in the lives of children somewhere in the world! My husband is the new director of this program and I really believe in what he is doing. Their goal is to basically obliterate the needless 25,000 infant deaths that happen each day around the world due to such things as contaminated water and lack of medical care by educating and supporting pregnant and nursing mothers in 3rd world countries. bebe&boo is humbled to join this effort.

And, as we have in the past, we will continue to support Living Water in their efforts to dig clean water wells in Haiti by sharing 10% of our monthly profits through the end of June. In fact, if you live in the Denver area, bebe&boo will be one of the sponsors of a team participating in the upcoming Bolder Boulder race on Memorial Day. More to come on this and how you can be involved, but consider joining me. I'll be a walker, but you can run on past me. Each member will be required to raise a minimum of $250, with monies going toward several Haiti well projects.

The pictures will soon be available from our fun photo shoot to share with you here, but in the meantime, here's my attempt at showcasing some of the pieces that looked so great on the models:

I saw some similar to this in The Knot and headed to the studio to make some of my own.

The pendant above is actually over 100 years was my Great Grandma's.

The 4 pictures above are taken on the pages of a Compassion International book.

The above piece looked so cool wrapped around the model's neck with a brooch added.

The piece above is a vintage piece given to me by a friend.

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